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Building Memories came out of "Physical Intranets" course which focused on enabling and supporting communication in merged real and virtual spaces hence helping to promote awareness and a sense of community in the context of IDII.

What is "Building Memories "?

How would it work, crafting the experience.

What have I looked for and what I have found

This 4 weeks project aimed to question the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of current communication technologies, the level of information they transmit and the experiences that they provide within shared workspaces. by developing a concept for connecting them. the proposal had to include a physical aspect via connecting objects, environments or a combination of both.
Three areas have been defined for investigation:
- Connecting areas within, and immediately surrounding, the Blue House
- Connecting the Blue House to Talponia

- Connecting The Blue House to other academic institutes or to a remote global community..



Neil Churcher, Mina Haggedorn, Heather Martin

Me, Myself, I

Building memories: Connecting visitors to IDII

What do users want : the questions

I sent out about 15 eMails to the institute's past guests, asking them a few questions, to get the feeling if my potential users will value this project. Here are the questions:

   1. Would you be interested in contributing a work to such a project?
   2. Would it interest you to see what others have contributed? What would interest you to know about them?
   3. What were the things you wanted to know before you came to IDII?
   4. Who was your source of information to get that information?
   5. Would it be interesting for you to be able to communicate directly with other visitors?
   6. If you would get a souvenir from IDII, would you prefer something that contains student and faculty works
       or other visitors' works?

What do users want : the learnings

Project is interesting
It’s interesting to see what others have contributed, as well as students and faculty works
What else is interesting :
Who else came? Who are they? Do I know them?
What does the artifact mean to them?
When and why they came
Communicate with others
Personal memories (mine and others’)
What’s going on in IDII when I arrive

Guest contributions

I also asked some of them to contribute something for the project, to understand what kind of traces our guests might leave behind them. Here are some examples:

From left to right:

Guest name:
Mina Hagedorn
Information Bodies , Remote presence in work environments, 1998
A joint project with Heather Martin

Guest name: Heather Martin
Automatic machine portrait

Guest name:
Krzysztof Lenk
J.S. Bach, Partitas 1,3,6 , Piotr Anderszewski, Piano


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