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Building Memories came out of "Physical Intranets" course which focused on enabling and supporting communication in merged real and virtual spaces hence helping to promote awareness and a sense of community in the context of IDII.

What is "Building Memories "?

How would it work, crafting the experience.

What have I looked for and what I have found

This 4 weeks project aimed to question the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of current communication technologies, the level of information they transmit and the experiences that they provide within shared workspaces. by developing a concept for connecting them. the proposal had to include a physical aspect via connecting objects, environments or a combination of both.
Three areas have been defined for investigation:
- Connecting areas within, and immediately surrounding, the Blue House
- Connecting the Blue House to Talponia

- Connecting The Blue House to other academic institutes or to a remote global community..



Neil Churcher, Mina Haggedorn, Meather Martin

Me, Myself, I

Building memories: Connecting visitors to IDII

The concept:
Building a living memory for IDII, through "souvenirs" left by its visitors and guests.
A souvenir can be an image, a movie, a sound file...

What is it?
It is a system that contains 3 main components:
- An Interactive wall display at IDII
- An "IDII trophy" the guests take home
- A "Guest lounge" in the IDII website

The guest contributions as well as additional information about them is displayed (or triggered for display) by each of these components.

The motivation :
Since it was built by Eduardo Vittoria as a research center for the Olivetty Group in the 1950's, the Blue House had a long and rich history. It was redesigned in 2000 by Marco Zanini, and since then it is the home of IDII. IDII is an abstract entity, residing in the Blue House. Many people come and visit.
They lecture, review students work, give workshops, research. Some stay few hours, others few months.
When they leave IDII, they are gone. They leave no physical trace behind them, they are only a memory in some of the people's minds.

The challenge :
- To record the chronicles of IDII by capturing the presence of its guests and visitors

- To create a sense of an exclusive club for the visitors
- To maintain a link between IDII and its visitors

The users :

- IDII guests (during and after their stay)

- Students and faculty
- IDII communications unit

For IDII: history is documented, valuable items are collected, Good for PR
For guests: Ego massage, leaving a mark, Link to interesting community, conversation piece
For students: learn more about who was here, opportunity to contact people

To better understand the concept, I invite you to look at the following scenario


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