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 Dis/Orientation workshop: One week workshop that opened the first trimester, looking at the meaning of orientation and being oriented.
This is a web version of the installation. It requires Flash player, and speakers or headphones.

This is an IDII customized Oracle.
It answers questions, it advices, and it shares its wisdom.
Think of a question, and be prepared to receive an answer.

BUT BEWARE! Our oracle has many voices, so you might have to search for the one that speaks to you.
If you can understand the answer, it means you have taken a step further to being oriented.

The oracle is a symbol of infinite knowledge.
It is the one which people come to when confused or in distress, hoping for a good advice that will solve their problems and direct them in their actions.

But the Oracle's knowledge is hidden. Only few can unravel the meaning of these wise words. Each one must give their own interpretation to what they hear.

Our project resides on the fine line between knowledge and confusion, and is based on the fact that each of us is disoriented in a different way, so each needs different types of advice.

The question is:
Can anyone understand it? 

Steve diskin, Andrew Davidson

Ruth kikin-Gil, Giovanni Cannata, Myriel Milicevic, Peggy Theony

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