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LuckyStars: The result of 2 weeks workshop with Aquafan, a popular water park in Riccione, Italy
During the workshop we focused on finding solutions to enhance the aquafan experience at day and night time

about Aquafan
Aquafan ( is one of Italy's popular water parks. Located in Riccione, a seaside resort, it attracts many summer vacationers that come to spend the day and enjoy the slides and water activities.

Riccione's decreasing popularity as a vacation target, has challenged aquafan to offer activities that will attract new possible visitors.

Aquafan nightlife
Aquafan offers night time activities as well.
"Walkie Cup" dance club and the wave pool are active during the summer nights, and offer dance music as well as a hangout place for teenagers who are too young to enter the "real" clubs the region has to offer..

Create an appealing social experience, that will attract teenagers, even if they don't dance.

Aqufan map

Walter Aprile, Massimo Banzi, Stefano Mirti

Ruth Kikin-Gil, Erez Kikin-Gil, Giovanni Cannata Akemi Tazaki, Ben Dove, Garry Stilwell, Haraldur Mar Unnarsson

Lucky stars

LuckyStars are conversation pieces, a trigger for social activities, and a good excuse to start a conversation...

The LuckyStars are adhesive patches that stick to the skin, and contain an RF tag inside.
When entering Aquafan, each clubber receives a sticky patch of his/hers astrological sign, which will become their virtual identity inside the park .

Projection screens are located around aquafan (in the bar, in the chill out zone outside etc).
When clubbers approach one of these screens, their astrological reflections appears in it, and interact with the other virtual characters present.
The types of interaction are determined according to the astrological compatibility.


: : Enhanced club experience for the visitors
: : A more dynamic environment : reflects and react to the clubbers presence
: : Increase club revenue through more utilization of park space, attracting more customers.

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