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The Secret Life of Common Objects: A two part course, exploring qualities of interaction design
The process started with investigation of abstract quality (pain), continued in concept development and ended as a product.

An abstract exploration

Taking the object's point of view

Exploration of sound and touch relationship in a playful environment for kids.


Walter Aprile, Massimo Banzi, Britta Boland, Crispin Jones, Stefano Mirti, Jan-Christoph zoels

Ruth kikin-Gil, Erez kikin-Gil, Ethan Lowry

Pain: Bernd Hitzelroth, Matty sallin
Touchy couch: Matty sallin

Persistence of Pain : An abstract exploration of an interaction quality

Realizing that pain is a powerful stimulus for human actions/reactions, we asked people to describe physically painful experiences they've had. While listening to those stories, we re-lived the incidents:
  : :   A root canal operation done without any pain killers during an earthquake
  : :   A sanding machine brutally ripping the hair off a girl's head
  : :   A guy violently attacked by a group of drunken kids who just kicked him all over his body
... and many more.

We could almost feeling the pain ourselves: the open skull, the slashed hand, the bruised skin... we discovered that memories can have tactile qualities.

Some keywords: Tactile , Shared experience, Memory, Story telling, Empathy, Circular feedback

These are people, sharing excruciating experiences they’ve had


That’s us, hearing them tell their stories


These are some reactions to these stories, this time told by us during the presentation


  We found pain an interesting subject, but focused on tactility for the next phase of the project: Furniture / Friends
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