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Improving the hospital experience by empowering the patient's social network

Circles of Care

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"Just a spoonfull of sugar helps
the medicine go down"
Marry Poppins.


Circles of Care was nominated finalist in INDEX: AWARD 2005 design competition.
The project was exhibited in Copenhagen, Denmark between September 23rd and November 13th 2005.
With the INDEX: Award, INDEX: seeks to illustrate just what Design to Improve Life truly is.

Everyone is surrounded by people, objects and institutes that support them in times of need. We call them “Circles of Care

Our Goal

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And here for interactive clip of the design process and concept

Our lives are increasingly becoming more flexible, connected and mobile. In contrast, hospitalization involves dependency, immobility and isolation. Everyday life is disrupted.

Our aim was to maintain a continuum of a person’s social, family and work life while hospitalized. We were looking for ways to help patients retain a sense of normality in an extreme situation. We believe that communication with loved ones and small, timely comforts can make a big difference in the patient’s life and is the core of the service we have designed.

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Steven Blyth Bernd Hitzeroth Ruth Kikin-Gil